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500 + Nicknames for Guys in Spanish [Funny, Romantic, Cute and Cool]

Have you been searching for funny cute nicknames for guys in Spanish ?

Many couples prefer the Spanish nickname rather than English name because Spanish language is more attractive or romantic then English language. If you are in love with someone whose native language is Spanish so you must think about some unique Spanish nicknames for lover.

If you need a funny nicknames for guys in Spanish or may be cute names to call your boyfriend in Spanish so our team cutenicknamess make a list of Spanish nicknames for boys. In this article you have a choice of almost 500 names pick your best Spanish nickname for your lover or friend.



Cute Nicknames for Guys in Spanish

Here we describe the some cute male names in Spanish. Choose your best one for your brother or your lover.

  • (Mi) Alma: My soul
  • Bombón: Sweetie
  • Bonito: Attractive guy
  • Osito: Teddy bear
  • Amante: used this word to say him your lover
  • Amado: Darling
  • Esposa: wife
  • Azucar: Sugar honey
  • Amigo: friend
  • Mi amor: show sense of belonging
  • Mi perrito: my puppy
  • Mi rey: my king
  • Adorable: Adorable angel
  • Bellissimo: soul or spirit
    Tiger: furious and tough
  • almendra: almond
  • frijolito little: bean
  • mi tesoro: my treasure
  • Estrella: star
  • (Mi) Reina: (my) queen
  • Rubia – Blond (haired)
  • Sol: sunshine
  • Querido: darling or dear
  • Azucar: It means as sweet as sugar
  • Mi vida: my life

Cute Names to Call your Boyfriend in Spanish

So if you are looking for the cute nicknames for your lover in Spanish. Here is the list pick your best one and give us reviews.

  • (Mi) Rey: (my) king
  • Chiquito: Cute
  • (Mi) Cielito: Piece of Heaven
  • Caramelo: Sweet Candy
  • flaco: skinny
  • tesoro: darling
  • mi amor: my love
  • mini-me: mini me
  • gusanito: little worm
  • el Amado: Loved one
  • Osito: Lovalble man
  • Conejito: bunny girl
  • Corazón: sweetheart
  • Tiger: manly looks or tiger
  • Mi Amor: My love
  • Rubia: Blond hair guy
  • Tigre: tiger
  • Única: unique
  • príncipe: prince
  • ángel: angel
  • querido: dear
  • chaparrito:shortyOsito: cuddly or teddy bear
  • Sol: Sunshine
  • Enamorado: (lover)
  • Morena – brunette

Cool Spanish Nicknames For Guys

Cool Spanish Nicknames For Guys

Some male cool names in Spanish are here :

  • (Mi) Divertido Chica: (my) funny girl
  • Empanada Dulce: sweet pie
  • Enamorado: lover
  • Pastelio: Sweet Pie
  • Mi Alma: My soul
  • Maravilloso: Spanish word for attractive
  • Muñeca – doll
  • Nene – baby
  • Osito – cuddly, teddy bear
  • Querido – darling, dear, lover
  • Tesoro: treasure
  • Pastelito – pie
  • Lindo: it means cute
  • Agapi mou: my love
  • Preciso Mao: My precious
  • Mi perrito: My puppy
  • Tesro: Treasure
  • Gata: (as cute as) female cat
  • Hechicera: bewitching, stunning
  • Hermoso: handsome
  • (Mi) Hombre: (my) man
  • (Mi) Sol: My Son

Funny Nicknames for Guys in Spanish

If you need the funny name in Spanish language because your brother or lover are so funny so you are on the right place. Here is the some unique funny nicknames in Spanish :

  • Bandera Pirata: Pirate flag
  • Caracol: Guy like snail
  • Viejo: Old man for making fun of older man
  • Cabron: Stupid
  • Calaca: Skeleton or extra skinny person
  • Narizón: Big Noze
  • Serpiente (ehrpeeehnteh): Sneaky people
  • Chato: Pug Noze
  • Tortuga (tortoogah): Turtle
  • Freaky (freaky): addicted of video games and movies
  • Torbellino (torbelleenoh): used for non stop moving person
  • Gordita: little fatty
  • Papa: father
  • Conejito: most sensible person
  • Jefe: Boss
  • Chiquito: Little girl
  • Chula: slang for people who are really cute
  • Pollito: Little chicken
  • Cholo: when your parents are both European and native Americans
  • Rata: rat
  • Maje: sucker
  • Momia: ugly person
  • Mongola: idiot
  • Vato: dude, guy or man
  • Huracán (oorahkahn) : Good for who have alot of energy
  • Terremoto (tehrrehmohtoh): Earthquake
  • Pallaso/pallasa (payasoh/payasah): Clown
  • Payaso: A Goof guy
  • Ese: shows Mexican culture to call someone really close to you or homie
  • Guey: dude with sarcastic tone
  • Primo: to show frankness
  • Pachuco: bossy or a person with tough nature
  • Loba (lohbah): Wolf
  • Zorrillo (thorriyoh): Foxy

Funny Nicknames for Guys in Spanish

Spanish Nicknames for Boys

Many of the people searching for the nicknames of boys in Spanish language so our team listed some good names which are fit on many personalities.

  • Pelón: Bald Guy
  • Cabra salvaje (kabrah sahlbahjeh): Wild and independent guy
  • Cerebrito (thehrehbreetoh): Smart Guy
  • Tonto: Stupid or silly
  • Lengua larga: Chatty or talkative person
  • Tarado: Stupid person
  • Ninfa: if she belongs to woods
  • Idiota: Idiot
  • Estupida: slow like snail
  • Fosfora: short tempered girl
  • Gordi: fatty
  • Tonta: Silly girl
  • Chica divertida: funny girl
  • Pandejo: Idiot
  • Gonorrea: really mean persons
  • Menso: fool
  • Millionora: greedy person
  • Torpe: Clumsy person
  • Tonto: Stupid and silly guy
  • Cuatro ojos: girl with four eyes
  • Bandera pirata: pirate flag
  • Zorra: girl who is always around girls
  • Loba: clever like fox
  • Millionora: greedy
  • Chata: girl with small nose
  • Espantapajaros: funny name for skinny girl
  • Chaparro: Short
  • Bola de billar (bolah de beeyahr): Bowling bowl
  • Chiflado: Crazy guy
  • Anana: funny teasing name for a short heighted girl

Spanish Nicknames For Friends

Everyone has many friends and some are best friends. If you are giving a unique Spanish name for your friend so you can easily choose name from this list.

  • Lunatica: fool or mad
  • Parienta: misus
  • Gran Culo: Big Butt
  • Bola de billar: Somone who is bald
  • cachetes: cheeks
  • gordito: chubby
  • mi tesoro: my treasure
  • cielo: sky
  • Papá: Father
  • Has a rather obvious meaning and it means ‘father’ in Spanish.
  • Esé: Homeboy
  • Dulzura (dulthoorah): Adorable person
  • Jefe: Boss
  • Lindo: Pretty Boy
  • bichito: little bug
  • mis ojos: my eyes
  • mini-me: mini me
  • gusanito: little worm
  • Cañita de azúcar (kanyeetah deh ahthoocahr): Guy who are kind and caring
  • Valiente (baleeaenteh): Brave people
  • Rascacielos (rrahscahthiehlos) Skyscraper
  • Cocinitas (kotheeneetahs): Who loves cooking
  • Güey: Dude
  • El mío: Best friends
  • Chula: How cute

Cute Nicknames for Guys in Spanish

Hot Nicknames for Guys in Spanish

You boyfriend is hot and you need hot nicknames in Spanish for you boyfriend which attracts his personality more ? Here are some hot nicknames for boys in Spanish.

  • Amado: Darling
  • Amante: Male Lover
  • Querido: My Dear
  • Rubia: Blonded hair guys
  • El cerebra: Guy who are serious
  • Guapo/a: Handsome
  • Lindo/a: Prettiest
  • Cariño/a: Dear
  • Mi cielito : My little sky
  • Güey: Dear prince
  • Hermosa: Beautiful
  • El cerebro: The Brain
  • Mi alma: My soul
  • Papi chulo: macdaddy
  • Mi Amor: My Love
  • Chiquito: Little One/babe
  • Primo: Cousin friend
  • Amigo: best friend
  • Chismoso: Gossip boy
  • Guapo: Who have handsome personality
  • Lindo: Pretty boy
  • Marido: Husband
  • Mi Media Naranja: My better half

Nicknames for Skinny Guys in Spanish

Skinny guys always make his fun in any group. In your friend-list almost one friend is skinny so you need some skinny nickname in Spanish which are given below :

  • Pollito: Small chicken
  • Calaca: Skeleton
  • Chica: Skinny guy
  • Idiota: Idiot
  • 18. Zorra: Fox
  • Conejito: Little bunny
  • Gordito/a: Little Fatty
  • Güero/a: Light-skinned guy
  • Chiquito: Small boy
  • Mi cielito: My heaven
  • Mi vida: My life
  • Esé: Homeboy
  • Vato: Dude
  • Guapo: Attractive
  • Chulo/a: How cute

Spanish Nicknames for Boys

Romantic Spanish Nicknames For Boy or Lover

If you have a lover you must need some romantic Spanish nicknames for your lover so here we listed some romantic Spanish names :

  • Mi vida: My life
  • Tramposo: Cunning guy
  • Linda: Pretty boy
  • Mi rey: My king
  • (Mi) Amor: My love
  • Maravilloso: Attactive boy
  • Mi amado: Loved
  • Jefe: Boss
  • Lobo/a: Wolf
  • (Mi) Rey: My King
  • Sol: Sunshine
  • Precioso Mío: My precious
  • Principe Hermosa: Handsome prince
  • Perrito: Puppy
  • Corazón: Sweetheart
  • Mi Rey: My King
  • Osito: Little Bear
  • Lengua larga: Big mouth
  • Tramposo/a: Trickster
  • Guapo: Good looking
  • Precioso Mío: My precious
  • Gordito: Little fatty
  • Papá: Father
  • Principe Hermosa: Handsome prince

So we give all the unique and best Spanish names for guys on different personalities and nature. We also listed some Spanish nicknames for girls which suits on any type of female.

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