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200 + Nicknames for Girls in Spanish [Cute, Funny, Cool and Romantic]

Are you looking for the Spanish nicknames for girls or your girlfriend ?

Choosing a perfect nickname for you lover or friend is not an easy task and if you want a nickname in a language you don’t speak is more difficult task.

So here we present some cute nicknames in Spanish for gf or ladies which shows your love for your Hispanic girlfriend. Also we listed Spanish girl names and meanings that is easily to understand for you.

If you have a Spanish friend and you know some unique cute names in Spanish so please add this is comment section. Our team cutenicknamess will add in this article soon.

Nicknames for Girls in Spanish

Spanish Nicknames for Girls

One of the most romantic language is spanish and if your partner or girfriend knows spanish so she will be easily impressed when you choose a cute nickname in spanish for her. So our team listed some of the best cute nicknames for gf in spanish.

  • Marvillosa: Gorgeous
  • Mamasota : Big mama
  • Conejito: bunny girl
  • Corazón: sweetheart
  • Divertido Chica: my funny girl
  • Estrella: star
  • Linda: Pretty Girls
  • Edelmira: Famous
  • Bella: Pretty girl
  • Bicho: cutie
  • Aina: Graceful lady
  • Bizocho: For the girl who is sweet as a sponge cake
  • Pia: Apple of your eye
  • Muñeca: Cute lady
  • Querida: Beloved
  • Queriña: Darling
  • Leocadia: Young little girls
  • Chico/chica: Slang
  • Listo/lista : Smart
  • Doncia: Sweet
  • Sabrosura: Tastefull girl
  • Caramelo: Sweet like candy
  • Osito: Little Bear / Teddy
  • Nene: Baby
  • Nohemi: My delight
  • Amante: My Lover
  • Amor: My ife
  • Cariño: Caring girl
  • cielo: Sky
  • Bebé: Baby
  • Bonita: Pretty or attractive girls
  • Caramela: Sweet and candy
  • Amor: love
  • Amada: Darling
  • Agueda: Good and kind heart
  • Robertina: Bright Fame

Cute Nicknames for Girlfriend in Spanish

If you want to talk with your girlfriend in romantic way and you don’t know how to start so you must call her from any romantic nickname in Spanish so we are listed some of the Spanish nicknames for gf or lover.

  • Estrella: Star
  • Tipazo: Beautiful body
  • Mariposa: Butterfly
  • Mi Media Naranja: My half orange
  • Muñeca: Doll
  • Bonito/ Bonita: Attractive
  • Reina: Queen
  • Dulzura : Adorable person
  • Pedacito de cielo: Peice of sky
  • Barbie: Refers to the brand of doll
  • Muñequita: Little doll
  • Bizcocho: Sponge Cake
  • Osito: Cuddle bear
  • Barbie: My everything
  • Alita : Noble lady
  • Empanada Dulce: sweet pie
  • Enamorado: Mine lover
  • Chiquito: Little Girl / Baby
  • Hermoso: Beautiful
  • Esposa: wife
  • Nina : Cute girls
  • Ana: Decent and graceful girl
  • Celestina: A girl whom you think is a true blessing
  • Alondra: Pretty girl
  • Almendra: Beautiful eyes
  • Ninfa: She is from the woods
  • Mami: Refer to someo
  • Manzanita: It means little apple
  • Gracia: Pleasing personality
  • Conejito : Little bunny
  • Rubio/rubia: Blonde
  • Moreno/morena: Brown Skinned
  • Zarita: Noble Lady

Cute Spanish Nicknames for Girls

Spanish nicknames have unique way for communication. This language has a large variety of nicknames like funny, romantic, cool and cute. Some of the cute names to call your girlfriend in Spanish are given below.

  • Odalis : Real Wealth
  • Felicidad : Lucky champ
  • Nina: Little girl
  • Bicha: Young and cute girl
  • Azucar : Sugar baby
  • Corazon: My Heart
  • Musa: Spanish of muse
  • Corazon de Melon: Melon heart
  • Bebe : Baby
  • Antonia: Worthy
  • Tonia: Invaluable
  • Carina: Darling
  • Estrella: Among stars
  • Caramelo: Candy
  • Chiquita: Little one
  • Chiquilla: Little cute girls
  • Chato/chata: Old fashioned girl
  • Valiente: Brave people

Funny Spanish names female

If your partner is funny and knows some funny Spanish words so you must need a funny Spanish nickname for her which are given in this list.

  • Bola de billar: Bowling bowl
  • Serpiente: Sneaky people
  • Alen Gualarga: lengua larga, big tongue.
  • Al K. Hueta: sounds like the way my grandfathers would say whore.
  • Lunes: Monday
  • Tonta: Stupid or silly
  • Xiomara: Fighter girl
  • Gordi: It means fatty
  • Maravillas
  • Guadalupe
  • Torpe: Clumsy girl
  • Vieja: Old Woman
  • Tortuga: Turtle
  • Freaky: Who are interested in video games
  • Bicho: Small girl but cute in nature
  • Loba: Crazy or party girl
  • Gata: Who are always active for romance
  • Zorrillo: Fox
  • Cuatro Ojos: Four eyes, specially for those who wear glasses
  • Parienta: Misus
  • Lagarta: Lir girl
  • Mami: Funny slang for a sexy girl
  • Flaca: skinny girl
  • Huracán: Girl who have a lot of energy
  • Caracol: Snail
  • Gordita: Little fatty
  • Lengua Larga: No-stop talkers
  • Bandera Pirata: pirate flag
  • Presentación
  • Dolores D. Parto: which sounds like birth pain.
  • Elver Galarga: if you move it like this: El ve*ga larga, it means the big penis.
  • Fosfora: short-tempered girl
  • Idiota: Stupid girl
  • Lagarta: Lizard
  • Chata: Who has small noze, Pug noze
  • Tonta: Silly girl
  • Griposa: Tissue paper
  • Enana: Small girl, Shorter than you

Funny Spanish names female

Spanish Nicknames for Female Lover

In every relationship nicknames gives the special role in bonding. If nickname are in Spanish so it will be more attractive. Some of the Spanish nicknames for lover are :

  • Queriña: Darling
  • Enamorada : Truly lover
  • Rosa: My Rose
  • Cielo: My Little Heaven
  • Nene: Baby
  • Muñeca: Doll
  • Besos: kisses
  • Bombón: Sweeite, Choco
  • Cariña: Dear or darling
  • Empanada dulce: Sweetie
  • Enamorada: Lover
  • Amor: My love
  • Reyna: My Queen
  • Precioso Mío: my precious
  • Princesa: my princess
  • Evita : My Life
  • Caridad: For a pretty girl
  • Dorita: Precious gift of God
  • Bonito: Pretty and attractive

Cool Spanish Nicknames for Girls

If your girl is cool in nature or she is a party girl whose mood always cool so you must need some cool Spanish nicknames for her. Our team make an effort for our viewers and give the nicknames list for girls in Spanish. Pick the name which you know suits on her.

  • Carmen: I knew a girl name Karmin growing up.
  • Elena: I just love this name.
  • Morena: Brown hairs
  • El Cerebero: The brainiac girl
  • Fe: how do you pronounce this? I’m very curious.
  • Mercedes : it use to be a favorite of mine when was about 14
  • Millicent: Melisenda
  • Naomi: Noemi
  • Noelle: Novela
  • Isabel: Ysabel
  • Katherine: Catalina
  • Madeline: Madina
  • Natalie: Navidad
  • Richarda: Born to rule
  • Olalla: Well speaking girl
  • Adelita: Warrior woman
  • Bonita: Pretty girls
  • Olivia: Oliva
  • Ophelia: Ofelia
  • Pearl: Perla, Perlita
  • Monica: Always Gives good advice
  • Leona: Female lion
  • Jefe: Bossy girls
  • Penelope: Penelopa
  • La Loba: Hot lady
  • Loquita: Crazy girl
  • Rose: Rosita
  • Zenobia: Senobia
  • Rosa: how can anyone not love a rose name?
  • Angel: I don’t know why but I love the name Angel for a boy. Angelo too.
  • Crispin: is this Hispanic? I didn’t know.
  • Alice: Alicia
  • Beatrice: Beatriz
  • Blanche: Blanca
  • Loquita: Little crazy
  • Chica: Cool pet name
  • Clementine: Clementina
  • Daisy: Margarita
  • Evangeline: Evangelina
  • Frances: Francisca
  • Iris: Irita
  • Jane: Juana, Juanita
  • Josephine: Josefina
  • Prima: Cousin
  • Loba: Wolf
  • China: Curly hair
  • Katherine: Catalina
  • Laura: Laurentia
  • Isaias: awesome.
  • Araceli
  • Noemi
  • Sefarina
  • Alma
  • Graciela
  • Felicia

Cute Nicknames for Girlfriend in Spanish

This is the list of all the female nicknames in Spanish and you can easily get all type of woman nature nicknames. Moreover, we also posted the cute nicknames in Spanish for boy. There almost all type of cute, romantic or cool nicknames are given.


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